My name is Judy Gergen. I am an interior designer. I received my certification from the PCDI Professional Career Development Institute and work from my home in Omaha, NE. Here is how The E-Motion Light came to be:
One morning a few years ago, being recently divorced after a long marriage, I said a simple prayer “God what can I do?” Within a week I woke at 4:00 AM with this incredible idea. I dreamt of this lighting apparatus, unlike any I had seen. I got out of bed, grabbed a pencil and paper and drew and wrote and drew some more and wrote some more….it just kept coming….I could not write fast enough! I sat there thanking God for such a vivid dream and GIFT!  That was in 2009. 

Soon after,  I went to see a lawyer for a patent search. There was nothing registered like the idea I had, which fundamentally is a cylindrical rotating gobo (a gobo is a partial screen or mask used in front of a light source to project a variety of shapes) with the light source on the inside. This approach is significantly different from other two-dimensional gobo/lighting methods.  I needed technical drawings for the patent application.  A friend of mine suggested I contact a guy I knew from high school, Brian Ackley. He is the COO for the companies associated with Chip Davis and the musical group Mannheim Steamroller.  We connected, and he is now an adviser on this project, directing me to artists and technicians who helped create the E-Motion Light.  Mannheim Steamroller music is in the demo video and is used by permission.  Click here to view the demonstration video

Once I had the appropriate technical drawings and patent narrative,  I applied for the patent. My lawyer said I could expect to hear back from the U.S. Patent office in about eighteen months. He told me to wait for a rejection letter, which is usually the first step in what could become a very lengthy process.   Eighteen months later I got a letter from the US Patent Office.  I stared at it for 45 minutes before opening it, afraid of the rejection it would indeed contain and uncertain of my next steps.  I opened the letter and was amazed my application was not rejected; rather I was awarded this patent on the first try! The coolest thing is, I received the letter on CHRISTMAS EVE! GOD is AWESOME in the way this is playing out.

Since Christmas 2012 Brian built a proof of concept prototype. We searched various manufacturing companies, and I did market research,  demonstrating the E-Motion Light prototype, interviewing area hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, spas of all sorts, hotels and many more venues, gathering data and knowledge along the way.  I demonstrated the E-Motion Light prototype at the Minnesota Inventors Congress April/May 2015 in Minneapolis, and the people from "As Seen on TV" showcased it and gave it great reviews.  They advised me to start the product development in the medical field. So here I am taking E-Motion Light to the next level.  I decided I did not want to start up a complete manufacturing, sales, and distribution business. At this point, I would rather seek licensees in various industry spaces who would be able to adopt my idea for development in their existing structure and product lines. 

Please know that this is a gift to all who choose to use it. The E-Motion Light will enhance countless lives no matter the circumstances. It will bring feelings of serenity, and peace out of chaos. It soothes anxiety and brings calm. It is also beautiful and BEAUTY COMFORTS! I hope you can see opportunities for the E-Motion Light with your company, customers, and markets.

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The E-Motion Light Story

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