Market Research



Of 30 focus group questionnaire’s, 22 demonstrations were conducted in the medical/special needs group.

Medical / Special Needs group:

After giving the demonstrations of the E-Motion Light to those in the medical field, I observed that they were very interested and gave me excellent feedback. Most of those surveyed said that the E-Motion Light would be great in calming patients during procedures or undergoing some treatments like chemo and dialysis.  It can be used to calm a child undergoing a CT scan enough for them to understand simple instructions. The E-Motion Light can calm and distract someone having blood drawn.

With the use of lighted colors, motion and music, it would become what many of them termed as “recreational therapy” and “distraction therapy.” Many of them said that it would calm dementia patients by providing a way of escape when they are agitated. They compared it to the more expensive Snoezelen room offered in some settings. The difference is they have to transport a patient to that place as compared to taking the E-Motion Light to the patient. Another interesting term was “Non-pharmaceutical” therapy. I learned that E-Motion Light could help with pain management. Researchers are always looking for new ways to help patients without using drugs. Several people said, "It is quite mesmerizing" during the demonstration.

Hospitals continue to become more competitive for patients, said one Director of Patient Experiences. Hospital workers are encouraged to make their workplace more friendly and attractive to patients.  They also pay considerable attention to the visiting family members.  The E-Motion Light can contribute positively to these efforts. 

A Hospice House Director said the E-Motion Light would create custom atmospheres for the families of those passing over. However, it would be client specific. E-Motion Light would help the families of those saying goodbye be more comfortable during a time of great need.

For the special needs group, the E-Motion Light was perceived as being very versatile. Calming autistic children, and keeping them focused is a challenge for this team. Respondents suggested the E-Motion Light could help accomplish this. They suggested the E-Motion Light be made interactive and touchable as a means of developing individual skills. One teacher suggested the E-Motion Light be put inside a tent with the autistic child and let them work with it. It would help caregivers bring order and focus rather than chaos. 

Hotel/Spa/Hospitality Room group: 5 of the 30 surveyed:
After giving the demonstrations to commercial marketplaces like spas, hotels, and wedding reception halls, this group observed the E-Motion Light would create the kind of atmospheres they would like to offer their clients as a perk or as part of a package option for purchase to use during their stay. One hotel said that they host 70 weddings annually, and E-Motion Light can be part of a reception package.

Therapist group: 3 out of the 30 surveyed: 
In massage therapy, two individuals saw the E-Motion Light as calming and relaxing, thereby enhancing their client’s experience. A Music Therapist said it would need to be client specific.

Home Construction group. 1 out of 30 plus one more:
The homebuilder saw great potential in the home. The E-Motion Light would work well in the living room, bedroom or recreation room.  The E-Motion Light would fashion different atmospheres. Also, the E-Motion Light would create and enhance holidays like July 4th and Christmas. The plus one more: A man from Dubai at the Inspire Expo at the Minnesota Inventors Congress viewed my demonstration and replied: “We in Dubai are very rich! Everyone there would want one in their homes!” It seems there may be international interest from this group as well! He gave me his card and personal phone number.

One facilities marketer said he would rent out the E-Motion Light for graduation or birthday parties. He said it would pay for itself quickly.


All but one of 30 people interviewed said that the E-Motion Light does what I claim, and they see that it would create positive outcomes in their working environment.  There are so many other uses in the home as well. E-Motion Light produces many kinds of atmosphere, making it useful in a broad range of applications.